According to the Announcement, when handling formalities for applying for customs inspection and quarantine, the inspection candidate shall provide the assurance of conformity issued either by the consigner of outbound goods or by the consignee of inbound goods. The assurance of conformity should cover the commitment of observing laws, guarantee for conformity, responsibilities for quality safety, and voluntary measures to recall products in question when problems in connection with products arise.

Furthermore, the Announcement specifies that goods imported into China for the first time and imported goods required to have inspection and quarantine certificates should undergo tests for the inspection and quarantine purposes on the spot and/or in the laboratories in accordance with applicable provisions.

The examination of documents includes and is not limited to: review of the registration, certification, approval, evaluation, verification, and assurance of conformity, and other processes to ascertain the conformity.

The Announcement also stipulates that, when goods do not pass inspections and quarantine tests or there are proofs that these goods are associated with higher level of risks, or the consignee, consigner or inspection applicant is classified as Level C or below in terms of its exit-entry inspection and quarantine credit, the sampling percentage could be increased up to 100% against such party, after the risk assessment.