Orcom C&A is a consulting firm with a well-established presence in Asia for more than 20 years. With offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore and correspondents in Tokyo, Taiwan, Dubai and Italy. Its headquarters is located in Shanghai.

The teams include more than 80 international, Chinese and Asian consultants, fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

ORCOM C&A belong to the ORCOM Group, a Chartered Accountant, Audit and Consulting firm (www.orcom.fr) which employs more than 1250 consultants over 44 sites worldwide between France,Asia, the USA and England.


Orcom C&A is a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA), an independent international organization dealing with tax matters with a network of IFA agencies present in 68 countries and with more than 12500 members in 111 countries. Orcom C&A is also a member of the Brecourt Association, an European network of accounting firms.

Opening up territories of opportunity in Asia

  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Orcom C&A’s structure allows it to focus on the needs of its customers and offer them personalized services with particular attention to professionalism, international and local technical expertise and responsiveness.

Orcom C&A strives to be a trusted advisor, specializing in providing tailored-made solutions in terms of accounting, tax and administrative issues to enable its clients to manage their business efficiently in Asia.

Our strengths and advantages: Industry Insider

We excel in advising to certain sectors in which we have developed recognized Cluster expertise, thanks to our portfolio of clients present mainly in the sectors of Fashion, Luxury & Consumer Goods, Retail, Niche Equipment, Precision Machinery, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Software, Media and Food & Beverage.

Our clients are MNC, foreign listed companies, SMEs and individuals wishing to develop their business in China and in the rest of Asia.

Thanks to an integrated approach, our teams are agile and responsive.

We can personalize our services even more as we speak English, Chinese, Italian, French, German and Portuguese; our experts being of more than 8 different nationalities.

The Challenge

While we see that multinationals and SMEs still see China as the cornerstone of their development – now perceiving it as a high-end market rather than a large, low-wage factory – the level of risk has increased.

This stems from both external and internal factors ranging from rising labor costs to issues in attracting and retaining skilled employees, to the complexity of managing large-scale operations and increased regulatory controls in China.

Orcom C&A helps multinationals and SMEs facing this development challenge in China. Our experts give them advice on how to manage their company or subsidiary and optimize their process.

ORCOM C&A services


A 360° offer

With a 360°approach and our Industry Clusters, ORCOM C&A, a Major player in accounting, auditing and consulting in China and Asia, supports you in all stages of your company’s life and provides you with a response adapted to the specificities of your business.


Because our history is written with that of our customers, ORCOM C&A develops through listening and proximity, with a focus on advising managers and opening up to the world.

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